Fly Rod Bass Challenge Pledge Page

Pledge for your Angler

How It Works

As a sponsor, you are asked to pledge a dollar amount per inch of the largest fish they catch. Once the event is over, we will calculate the amount based on your anglers’ largest fish and send you a notification.  The average fish caught is between 15-20 inches.

Acknowledge Pledge

    Type of pledge. Please choose one.
    Amount per inch for the largest fish caught by angler specified below during fishing event. You are pledging for a minimum fish size of 12” even if no fish, or shorter fish, is caught. Average fish caught is between 15 and 20 inches.Please make my pledge a one-time flat fee donation.


    **To continue you must check the pledge acknowledgement at the top of the form.**

    Thank You

    Per inch pledges are the greatest source of funds from our fishing events. All funds from pledges benefit Four Corners Home for Children.

    Thank you for supporting the efforts of these anglers and the children that live at Four Corners Home for Children.


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