San Juan River Bi-Fly Tournament

For 30 years the San Juan River Bi-Fly Tournament has become the premier trout fishing tournament of the Southwest with participates from all over the United States. This two day fly fishing event welcomes both the novice and skilled angler, providing exciting opportunity and challenges for all anglers.

The tournament is strictly catch and release. Each angler will spend one day wading, and one day floating with a professional guide who has a vast working knowledge of the San Juan River and Quality Water area where the tournament takes place.

All meals are provided for anglers during the tournament, which culminates Saturday evening with an Awards Banquet at Wines of the San Juan, a local family owned vineyard and venue. The evening includes a catered dinner by Outback Steakhouse, live and silent auctions, raffles, door prizes, awards and more. All proceeds from Tournament and evening benefits the Four Corners Home for Children.



  • 7:00am  | Meet at Abe’s, Navajo Dam, Angler/Guide Registration, Breakfast On, The-Go (Breakfast Burrito, Pastry, Fruit & Drink)
  • 7:30am  | Angler/Guide Connect & Proceed to Fishing
  • 8:00am | Fishing Begins / Lunch Provided on River
  • 3:00pm | Fishing Ends


  • 7:00am | Meet at Abe’s, Navajo Dam, Breakfast On-The-Go (Breakfast Burrito,, Pastry, Fruit & Drink)
  • 7:30am | Angler/Guide Connect & Proceed to Fishing
  • 8:00am | Fishing Begins / Lunch Provided on River
  • 3:00pm | Fishing Ends
  • 3:30pm | ‘After Waters’ at Wines of the San Juan
  • 4:30pm -6:00pm | Dinner, Raffe, Auctions, Awards


1. All participants must have, in their possession, a valid New Mexico Fishing License. State Law requires the wearing of life jackets while #oating. This will be enforced by the guides. Refusal to comply will lead to disqualification.
2. No fish will be killed, even in waters where it is legal.
3. All fish will be netted, measured and released by guides.
4. Fish snagged will not count, they must be hooked in the mouth. Fish are caught when the guide touches the fish or the fly.
5. Dories must be out of water by 15 minutes after quitting time. Floater must be out of the Texas Hole by 11am each day.
6. In the dory, the person in the bow will have say as to when to move. The participants should regularly switch positions to give equal time in the bow and stern.
7. Participants and guides will be paired by random ballot. Rely on your guide, he/she is a professional who knows the river. Please show your appreciation.
8. Each day before ANY fishing is done each participant will give his/her guide the two (2) flies of any kind they wish to use for points, plus the mulligan fly, if purchased.
9. Premium points are awarded only when one of these flies is being used. The same fly may be re-tied to the tippet as many times as necessary, but the guide must be informed each time.

10. Non-Tournament flies can be used but those caught will be scored at one point per inch.
11. Only fish 12 inches and larger will be scored.
12. The fly may be repaired only to the extent of trimming the fly, and re-wrapping and or re-tying the original thread, or adding head cement. No additional material may be added to the fly.
13. No attractor fly or beads may be used in addition to the tournament fly. However, the tournament fly may be a beaded fly. Two flies may be fished at one time, but BOTH must be Tournament Flies.
14. Only fish caught and measured after starting time and before quitting time will be recorded. Participants may fish before and after these hours but, their catches will not be recorded. Fish hooked, but not landed, at quitting time will not be recorded.
15. Measurements over the exact inch mark will be rounded down for less than ½ inch and up for over ½ inch. Large and small fish must be measured exactly to determine the winner of the prizes for the largest and smallest fish. Girth for the largest fish must be measured as first prize will be a replica mount of the fish.
16. All German Browns will add a bonus of two (2) points per fish.
17. The members of this year’s Rules Committee are: Dick Gerding and Bob Fitz. Any questions or disputes over rules should be referred to the Rules Committee. Their ruling on any dispute will be final.
18. Teams have option to wade or float each day, but preference must determined prior to tournament. Participants may get out of the boat and wade if there is an option. There will be no wading below the village.


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